Saturday, May 23, 2009

LAPD Implies Owning Guns Is “Illegal”

LAPD Implies Owning Guns Is “Illegal”

40,000 lbs of guns melted down by LAPD - LAPD Implies Owning Guns Is Illegal

The LAPD felt that they needed a SWAT team to protect the movement and destruction of these guns. What the h- for? Did they think "white Al-CIA'da" or some South Central gang was gonna attack them and take these guns back? And why the secret location of the smelt that is melting down all these, "illegal" guns?

Just goes to show us a just how redicuously STUPID Los Angeles cops are, and just how gullable the people of LA must be to allow their tax dollars to pay for this nonsense. The head of this smelting program, and all the IDIOTS involved in the setting up and execution of this program should be immediately FIRED for their role in subversion of the Constitution of the United States and there should immediately be implemented a educational training session, given to every member of the LAPD, about the importance of 2nd Amendment and it's vital role in the defense of our country and our liberties, most namely our HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

In a period where the city of LA and the state of California are on the verge of bankruptcy, it is shameful that Los Angeles would use their limited resources to buy back guns from citizens, then use SWAT team protection to move these guns to a SECRET smelting location and destroy what would otherwise be valuable commodities that could be sold generating desperately needed tax dollars.

Can anyone tell me when was the last time the LAPD was attacked in an effort to seize weapons? What justification is used to defend the practise of SWAT teams to move these weapons?

Can anyone tell me what illegal weapons were melted down by these gun control nuts? The guns shown in the Youtube video are NOT illegal. They can be purchased at any gun dealer in the country, or at any gun show in the country.

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